Trusted Media provides clients with strategic communication advice when the stakes are high.

“Communication needs to matter.”

We offer our services on an ongoing basis or on a per-project basis. In crisis situations, we support organizational decision-makers with expert guidance and actionable solutions. We develop comprehensive communication plans that outline opportunities and mitigate risks. We facilitate media relations and keep a constant pulse on the situation.


Before the media frenzy begins, it is prudent to have your plans pre-evaluated by Trusted Media.

We provide counsel at the stage when content and format can still be refined. We call this the preventive media assessment. You’ll be professionally prepared for upcoming media engagements. This proactive approach aids your preparation by allowing us to anticipate the impact of your message.

Media training

Trusted Media successfully conducts several media training sessions each month for both the public and private sector.

We offer intensive training, with focus ons the message. We also facilitate group sessions focusing on areas such as media awareness. Inquire about our services. We offer customized solutions and collaborate exclusively with seasoned professionals who are actively engaged in various media roles.

Media-relations and public affairs

Trusted Media maintains an extensive network of media relations in the Netherlands for our clients.

We assist in crafting messages and connecting with editorial teams and specialized journalists. We organize background briefings between executives and journalists, interviews, and press conferences that align with the chosen communication strategy. This includes issues related to public affairs.