Media monitor


Ideal for any professional organization seeking to stay informed about the impact of relevant media publications.


Trusted Media maintains a MEDIA MONITOR for your organization.

On a daily basis (or even in real-time if necessary), we gather and digitally compile all media publications relevant to your company or institution. Our Media Monitor covers reports from traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV, online) as well as social media.


Trusted Media provides the Media Monitor with concise reports on the impact of media coverage on your company or organization.These updates ensure that you are never caught off guard. You will receive the Media Monitor via email at predetermined times, in a consistent format, and based on relevance.


For significant news events (parliamentary debates, court cases, shareholder meetings), Trusted Media can have a representative present to document the proceedings. This ensures that relevant news for your organization is quickly filtered and summarized in clear, concise language for inclusion in the Media Monitor.