Trusted Media Communications & Publishing: One-Stop-Media English

From brainstorming, editing, production, reader research to distribution. At Trusted Media Publishers, we call it: One-Stop Media. With proven experience and expertise (both current and past at TMG), we produce your own unique magazine, newspaper, and newsroom for you and with you.

Depending on the publishing goals (DNA, target audience, content, circulation, frequency, online and offline), we work together. The founders of Trusted Media Publishers, Ted Trimbach (former publisher at Telegraaf Media Group Netherlands), Sjuul Paradijs, and Jan-Kees Emmer, have strong journalistic backgrounds and, of course, extensive publishing experience.

With an in-house core editorial team (text, design, digital, photo/video), Trusted Media Publishers produces media outputs for clients. We consider your own medium to be the ‘beating heart’ of your organization.

We always start with a creative process, where we collaborate with the teams to determine the content and form of the product. Then, for print products, we find the right printing company and distribution method that match the chosen options. Online, we work with successful partners. We can show you various successful cases where we aim for maximum reach or selective reach.

A part of the One-Stop Media approach is reader research. This can be part of the creative phase or later when the magazine or newspaper can be presented to reader panels. There are no financial surprises, of course. The business case is made in advance.

Do you have ideas in the publishing field, are you looking for a partner for your relationship magazine, or do you want to consolidate your news in your own newsroom? Call or visit us at Donauweg 10 in Amsterdam-Westpoort.