Sjuul Paradijs

Over 30 years active in journalism. Former editor-in-chief and management board member of Telegraaf Media Nederland, founder of Omroep WNL, expertise in politics, finance, entertainment, society. Creative. Combative. Helps solve your problem. Networker of the Year.

“Trusted Media started as a strategic media consulting company. Gradually, we realized that we could also help our clients with publishing. Trusted Media is your partner that helps you understand how media works and knows what news is. For our clients, it is a certainty that our team of consultants in media strategy and media advice is highly experienced. Those who work with us can be assured of our expertise and dedication.”

Jan-Kees Emmer

A long journalistic career at De Telegraaf, as digital editor-in-chief, correspondent in the United States, and Royal House reporter, has prepared Jan-Kees Emmer as a versatile media strategist with an excellent political antenna.

“My period in the United States instilled in me a fascination for ‘framing’ and taught me the principle that the same story can be told in infinitely many ways.”

This makes Emmer exceptionally suited to sharpen crisis communication campaigns that are cutting-edge yet always logical and authentic. With his background as digital editor-in-chief, where he was among the founders of Telegraaf TV, Emmer is an expert in media strategy and content creation.

Emmer is a commentator on radio and television.


Ted Trimbach is an expert in circulation and branding. From 2004 to 2013, he held positions of ultimate publishing responsibility for titles and platforms at De Telegraaf (newspaper, magazines, digital).

He has extensive experience as a project manager (transformations, IT, brands), commercial director, and is up-to-date with content and production processes. He has broad publishing experience and assists TM Publishers’ clients intensively with publishing. He guides productions from A to Z.

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Maarten van Laarhoven


Maarten van Laarhoven is originally a journalist with a keen eye for the essence of a message. This makes Van Laarhoven a seasoned media strategist with an extensive network of clients. Under the banner of Trusted Media, he will further expand these activities, focusing on Limburg.

Van Laarhoven established Dichtbij Limburg and is actively involved with Chapeau Magazine, among others. With his digital background, Van Laarhoven is aware that more and more companies and organizations are becoming publishers of their own media. Trusted Media assists in facilitating the infrastructure (newsrooms) and in documenting and uncovering the relevant stories.

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Jessie Baltus is versatile in many fields. She is an enthusiastic media strategist with a master’s degree in journalism and has a keen sense of where the interests of the client and the media intersect.

Jessie Baltus is the editorial coordinator at Trusted Media Publishers for the lifestyle magazine Lekker Doen, which is published seven times a year and distributed in all Dirk van den Broek supermarkets.

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Anette de Vries


Anette de Vries is the editorial coordinator of the magazines DenD and Oranje Boven. With her team, Anette focuses on the content of the magazines and interviews Dutch celebrities from television, musicals, and show business for these family magazines.

Anette has extensive experience in the world of showbiz and entertainment journalism and has a vast network in this field.

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Matthieu Slee


Matthieu Slee is an experienced newspaper and magazine maker. Creative, precise, and not afraid of a deadline. Before joining Trusted Media Publishing, he was the editor-in-chief of the weekly magazines Weekend and Story.

At Trusted Media, he is responsible for coordinating the door-to-door magazine City. He also contributes to the magazines Oranje Boven and DenD.

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