We are proud to present the following press release: 

Former editors-in-chief of De Telegraaf foresee marginalization of old media

Paradijs and Emmer launch media company

Sjuul Paradijs, former editor-in-chief of De Telegraaf and his ‘digital-deputy’  Jan-Kees Emmer, have formed a new media company: Paradijs & Emmer TRUSTED MEDIA BV.

To mark the launch of their company,  both journalist present a book titled :  “Ga Uitgeven. Een staatsgreep in de Media. (translation: Go Publish. A coup in the media) ” In it they describe the  irreversible marginalization of the existing, traditional media companies.


Emmer en Paradijs
Jan-Kees Emmer en Sjuul Paradijs

Paradijs and Emmer foresee that the position of traditional publishers and media companies will be put under  heavy pressure due to the strong rise of social media. Following a trend in the United States, we will see governments, companies, brands, political parties and other institutions such as the Royal House start building their own media. The economic sustainability  of journalism in its current form will be severely damaged by this development.

Research by Piet Bakker, associate professor at the University of Utrecht, shows that the reader rapidly turns away,  particularly from the printed media. After a steady decline of less than three percent per year since the turn of the century, Bakkers research shows an acceleration of the decline up to six percent in the last two years.

,,The rise of social media makes it easier  to establish your own media company,” according to Paradijs. ,, Companies will publish their campaigns and storytelling more and more along the lines of their own media channels. This erodes the economic foundation of the traditional media industry. And this will have huge consequences for legacy newsbrands.  On the other hand it will also affect the role of the traditional press officers, because their way of operating will change as well.”

,,Journalism is not lost,” elaborates Emmer. ,, As long as you don’t  overrun the reader or viewer with slick marketing talk, you can take position as a medium. Storytelling is essential. And for authentic and exciting  stories you need skilled journalists.”

Trusted Media BV is the first of a number of innovative steps  Paradijs and Emmer will take. In the coming months there will be a number of new initiatives announced.

In ‘Ga Uitgeven’, which is also available as a smartbook and e-book, is the new vision of publishing and the role of journalism extensively elucidated. The book describes how the writers, both old hand at the helm of the largest newspaper in the Netherlands, come to understand that these new ways of publishing are the future. A future in which the consumers take charge and decide for themselves what good or bad stories are. The role of  legacy journalism in that regard will slip.

Paradijs and Emmer offer their knowledge of journalism and their experience of mobilizing and activating large groups of consumers to at all those parties who want to be publisher.